Hi there! I started Little Known Life to provide encouragement, wisdom, and support to women who, like me, want to live their creative dreams. Here's what I know: Perfection is not the point, ever. You don't have to figure it all out, ever. You are wise, beautiful, and capable beyond limits. Let's get real and do the things we love. Maybe we can help each other along the way.  
-- Melanie (AKA Reeve Thomas)
Space between ready and go

Space between ready and go

Ready. Set. Go. We all think we are ready. We spend our lives getting ready. For what? For something. For what's next. We spend our time, money, and energy on getting ready, being prepared. 

Then what? Do we launch? Do we go, go, go? Maybe. Sometimes. What if we paused? I'm not talking about procrastinating. We're already too good at that, when it comes to our dreams. Sure, we're great at "getting things done." Heck, we've read the book. Some of us could have written the book. Projects at work. Managing our households, children, families, bills. Done. (Well, most of the time.) 

I'm awesome at getting things done, except when it comes to my most longed for dream. Why is that? Have I spent time preparing? Yes, countless time, some of it in procrastination mode. Have I truly gone after it? In small ways. Was I set? No, definitely not.

Set is steady. It is the space in between ready and go. What do you do in that space? You breathe. You pray. You know. You review the work you've done to prepare. You build something indestructible in yourself. Then you leap.

The Ready-Set-Go phases

Ready: The preparation phase.You are researching, building your knowledge/skill base, and making decisions. You may be itching to take action, but don’t skip this phase. On the flip side, don’t allow yourself to use this phase for procrastination. The point is not perfection.  

Set: The forgotten phase. You are gathering strength. This is a very personal phase, and the time it takes depends on you. Ask yourself what do you need to truly feel ready? Beyond the skills and knowledge, are you confident enough to move to the next step? If so, go! If not, do whatever it is that quiets your mind and balances you. (Yoga, meditation, prayer, silence, dancing, journal, etc.)

Still can't make it to go? Review your ready phase. Maybe you missed something important. To be sure, your knees may be knocking, but you can still move to the next phase. I repeat: The point is not perfection.

Go: The visible action phase. Don’t think all of the work you did in the other phases was wasted. It will be evident in this phase. This is the part where you let others in on your dream, idea, or passion. It’s time to shine. (Launch your blog, publish your novel, ask for that promotion, pop the question, etc.)  

Like writing things down? Download a free, printable worksheet (PDF). 

Your turn

  • What stage are you in: Ready, Set, or Go? (I'll bet in everyday life, we are stuck in go mode. But I mean with your dreams, your passions, your life projects.)
  • What does it mean to you to be "set"? How will you know when you are "set"?
  • Have you gone straight from ready to go? What happened? 
  • What can you do to make sure you don't skip the Set phase?
  • Heck, I've done this - have you skipped ready and set and just jumped? Was it a disaster? (For me, yes, it sure was.)
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Can You Give Your Family One More Day?